Design the Event of Your Dreams with the Smart Venue Framework

Business-to-business events just became more complicated. Soon, multichannel (also known as hybrid) events will flood facilities, and event planners (as well as venues) will potentially be required to manage more technologies, delegates, speakers, tasks, data sets, surfaces, and safety protocols than ever before—and all at the same time.

A Smart Venue framework simplifies multichannel event management by using one command center (software-as-a-service platform) to control all the digital workflows (regardless of technology provider), devices (RFID, smart badges, badge printers, beacons, presenter laptops, digital signage, wellness monitors, etc.), content assets and data of the event.

Join event-technology journalist Michelle Bruno and Mary Ann Pierce, CEO of MAP Digital for an interview-style chat (and audience Q & A) about the network infrastructure, stakeholder benefits, behind-the-scenes skill sets, data analytics, logistics, and investments associated with a Smart Venue blueprint.

Attendees will be able to: •

  • Have an informed discussion about Smart Venue requirements before entering into a rental agreement with a hotel or convention center
  • Design events that level up to meet organizer objectives vs. those that are constrained by the capabilities of technology providers
  • Overcome the fear of multichannel (hybrid) events

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