Experiences Need more Play

In the short history of video gaming, we’ve seen the industry evolve from a derivative medium to one of innovative inspiration. 2020 saw the largest ever expansion of the industry. The breadth of the community, the diversity of experience and the impact on culture continues to be huge. What started as a fringe movement is now mainstream – evidenced by the size of the industry, the rise of esports and the proliferation of game-like interactivity into everyday apps, tools and experiences (gamification). 2020 was a massive accelerator too, where the convergence of forms and formats took hold. And in the immediate future, we will see it go into overdrive – avatars in Zoom, 3D open worlds, extended reality sets, A.I. driven networking and matchmaking, personalized content, playful interfaces and tons of experimentation as marketers embrace new ways to attract and engage audiences through shared experiences. What does this mean for brand experience creators? Your next event will compete with Fortnite. In this session, we’ll look at what marketers need to know about designing experiences through a gamers lens. We’ll outline what brands need to consider for future experiences. We’ll look at what makes sense and what doesn’t and how to evaluate and determine the right kind of gameplay. We’ll examine trends, industry examples and everyday inspiration. We’ll talk about the role of gaming and how its role in brand experiences as offline and online worlds continue to merge post-Covid.

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