Jonas Event Technology x Swapcard: Enhanced Event App Experience

We are excited to share news of a new partnership with Swapcard aimed at improving the event experience for organisers and attendees alike. Through this collaboration, Swapcard will become the preferred event app provider for our clients, integrating their innovative app solutions with our robust event registration platform.

JET’s selection of Swapcard as our go-to event app provider comes after thorough market research. This decision reflects our shared commitment to delivering practical and engaging technology solutions for events. The partnership is designed to offer event organisers a seamless mobile platform experience, enhancing attendee engagement and networking opportunities.

Through this partnership, organisers are empowered with a comprehensive digital toolkit designed to optimise the event management experience. Swapcard’s application seamlessly integrates with our registration platform, ensuring a cohesive digital experience for attendees from registration through to post-event engagement. This collaboration not only enhances attendee satisfaction but also delivers valuable business insights, ultimately driving increased ROI for exhibitors and event organisers alike.

“This partnership represents an exciting development for both Swapcard and Jonas Event Technology. We are looking forward to working together to provide a more cohesive and engaging event experience for organisers and attendees,” said Marc Goodman, Director of Global Partnerships at Swapcard.

“JET’s partnership with Swapcard marks an exciting step in providing event attendees with a comprehensive platform that is seamlessly integrated with our registration system. We are looking forward to enhancing our clients’ and their visitors’ overall event experience and networking potential,” said Matthew Rogers, Commercial Director at Jonas Event Technology.

The collaboration between JET and Swapcard is about simplifying event technology for organisers and improving the overall event experience for attendees. It signifies a step forward in our mission to make events more accessible, enjoyable, and valuable for everyone involved.