The one investment your organization should make in 2022

We are all consumers of products from consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies like Kraft, Nestle, or Procter & Gamble. Who doesn’t love the Andrex puppy (for my UK friends), M&Ms or that delicious blue box of Kraft Mac & Cheese? CPG products are intertwined into our daily lives, and we are in awe of how they continuously innovate very intriguing products. Before becoming an association strategist in 2015, I came from the CPG world. I worked on redesigning the Andrex packaging and I launched Easy Mac to the market amongst other products. I’ve seen first-hand what makes CPG companies so successful. I’ve seen just what makes associations successful too.

There is a major difference between the CPG and association landscape that needs to be addressed.

What is that difference? I bet you are thinking budget size. Ok…you are right – no question there! However, I’m referring to another difference that separates those who grow and those who stagnate. That difference is the prioritization of innovation. CPG companies literally place line items into their annual budgets for innovation – the creation of their own new offerings, and more importantly the ability to try out new technologies to improve upon their existing processes.

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