Reimagining virtual and hybrid events: how to maximise engagement and drive attendance

The future of the events sector will inevitably be shaped by the coronavirus pandemic, but the crisis can also be viewed as an opportunity. The ability to move events online will make the industry more resilient, and many organisers have now witnessed first-hand the distinct advantages presented by the virtual format.

In addition, as the world gets slowly back to normal, hybrid events appear to provide a clear path forward. In many ways, they offer the best of both worlds, but by creating further shifts in stakeholder behaviour, engagement, and expectations, they also introduce unique challenges. In this session, you will hear about several case studies that successfully incorporate hybrid elements.

Learn how to:
> Deliver successful events with hybrid components
> Leverage the power of engagement in a hybrid environment and drive value to your stakeholders
> Adapt virtual and hybrid events to various needs and budgets
> Exceed attendees’ expectations and increase attendance