New Informa Tech training programme to address AI skills gap in UK business

AI in Practice training programme, designed using the Office for AI’s upcoming Upskilling Framework, has advisory board of experts from Microsoft, the Alan Turing Institute, Wayfair and BNP Paribas Group.

Informa Tech today announced the launch of an AI training programme designed to place UK businesses at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence and ultimately position the country as a global leader in the field.

As part of its National AI Strategy, the UK Government has committed to carry out research into the skills needed to enable employees to use AI in business, and to identify how to meet those needs. Informa Tech’s training programme – designed using the Office for AI’s upcoming Upskilling Framework – addresses the AI skill gap by educating business leaders on how to successfully identify, launch and scale up AI projects, remaining competitive at a global level.

“In order for the UK to remain a global leader in AI, we need make sure our exceptional pool of AI talent grows stronger by the day. Initiatives like this will help provide workers and students with the right skills for jobs in and with AI – a vital step in harnessing its enormous opportunities while also managing any risk,” said UK Minister for AI, Viscount Camrose. “AI is already unlocking exciting opportunities across society, and its application in the workplace can help free us up from routine tasks to hugely improve efficiency. The Government continues to work with industry to make sure businesses across the country can benefit from the technology in a way which is safe, responsible, and transformative”.

“The AI skills gap is a global challenge. Each year, up to 80% of AI projects globally fail to deliver, mainly due to businesses’ inability to operationalise AI models”, said Jenalea Howell, VP, Artificial Intelligence Market, Informa Tech. “For AI projects to truly succeed, business leaders and functional heads need the ability to identify opportunities and articulate needs for AI procurement, prepare for, and lead, a successful implementation and then operationalise the technology once implemented. Equally important, is the need to understand the ethical considerations and to make responsible decisions, not only for business, but society as a whole.”

The ‘AI In Practice Training Programme’ is organised in conjunction with Informa Tech AI Summit and AI Business which attract a global community of over 200 thousand business professionals. Delivered in London and online, the programme aims to tackle the skills gap and kickstart an educational support network for UK businesses. Professionals and leaders will learn the necessary skills to make informed leadership decisions by participating in working groups, roundtables, project follow-ups and one-to-one coaching. An advisory board includes experts from Microsoft, the Alan Turing Institute, Wayfair, BNP Paribas Group and Informa Tech.

Gary Nugent, CEO at Informa Tech, said: “Artificial Intelligence opens up a new future to all of us, as individuals, as business leaders, as a society. With the right skills, UK business has a unique opportunity to shape the future of AI and lead the world forward. Sitting at the heart of a global business technology community, Informa Tech is delighted to have recognition from the UK Government’s Office for AI as we support their goal to secure the UK’s leadership position in this area.”

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