How the Science Museum utilised cutting-edge LiDAR laser scanning and digital twin technology to elevate their events offering

This session will introduce LiDAR laser scanning and digital twins, as new technologies recently launched into the venues and events sector. It will explore what this technology is and how it has helped the Science Museum to unlock new potential for their commercial hire offering.

Hosted by technical solutions specialist White Light and Preevue – an industry-leading provider of LiDAR laser scanning, visualisation, and digital twin production for performing arts projects – the proposed discussion points are:

• Introduction to LiDAR laser scanning and digital twin technology:
I – The benefits of undertaking new creative projects in a digital format from the outset (i.e. allowing clients to engage key stakeholders with projects from the earliest opportunity, the speed at which bespoke visuals can be produced.)
II – Exactly what potential does this unlock for venues and their clients, or event producers? (i.e. enables planning of complex events to bespoke specifications in a photorealistic and architecturally accurate replica of a space, saving a huge amount of time and budget, giving clients the ability to brand spaces.)
III – How it elevates the traditional customer enquiry journey (i.e. produces instantaneous assets for follow-up and project development, helping to close sales early.)
• Case study: Introducing this technology into the Science Museum as a cutting-edge, centre of innovation and the first event venue to launch the Event Preevue visualisation web application.
• Open floor Q&A with panel.



Event Tech Live
Las Vegas
May 1-2, 2024

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