Eventscase unveils new brand identity and pricing model

Eventscase is delighted to announce a new brand identity as part of the ongoing evolution of the London-based software company. The business has grown, technology has evolved, and they’re digging into new areas and launching new products.

The new positioning is a synthesis of a set of refinements and strategic reflections. It brings a proprietary colour to the 9-year-old global startup and a minimalist and modern concept, representing the commitment to high performance in technology for events. In addition to the new brand, Eventscase also saw a couple of relevant developments taking place during the last quarter, such as the Digital Venue, a website facility used to run virtual and hybrid sessions.

The new brand identity and the revamped website are to be publicly unveiled during the next few days, kicking off a season that will evidence Eventscase market-leading products and the depth of services they’re bringing on.


New Pricing and Subscription Model

It’s not all about the look and feel. As a tech company that wants to be always ready to support the creativity and fast pace of the events industry, the most significant changes had to come from the inside.

Thus, Eventscase is also releasing a new subscription business model developed to continuously solve the specific needs of each segment of the events market. The first version will be available in Q4, with four main packages:

Lite | Entry package with all the core functions of the Eventscase platform for events with up to 5,000 attendees.

Lite+ | Everything in the Lite package plus enhanced live engagement tools and integrations. For companies that need to grow fast.

Business | Professional automation, data and optimisation services for repeated success in multiple events with up to 10,000 attendees.

Enterprise | Advanced features for companies that need personalisation at scale. For events with up to 100,000 people.

Lite and Lite+ offer a 7-day free trial. They instantly enable businesses to create their first event, build a registration page from dozens of templates, use the fully integrated digital venue for virtual and hybrid events, and measure attendance and revenue with advanced analytics – all of it with the expert assistance of a Project Manager.

“The new brand reflects who Eventscase is today and symbolises its future”, says Jose Bort, CEO. “We started our journey in 2012, and today we’re the largest European based provider helping organisers with a unique solution for all their events: in-person, virtual and hybrid. Thus, there’s no better time to launch a brand that highlights how our technology loves to focus on innovation, creativity and quality.”