Event Technology Awards 2022 – Judge’s Spotlight: Sina Buente

Sina is a Certified Meetings Professional (CMP) with extensive knowledge in organizing hybrid, online and in-person events. She organized the ICCA Congress 2020, a global hybrid event with 8 hubs around the world that attracted 1500 delegates, featured 220 speakers and over 100 hours of content. After working for seven years with ICCA, she has started her own digital events consultancy company, DigitalMind.events.

Additionally, she is a manager at EventProfsBreakShit, a passion project to bring event professionals together to test Event Tech.
She is also a nominee for the PCMA Visionary Awards in the category Digital Experience Strategist of the year 2022.

Sina is a certified Digital Event Strategist (DES) and was awarded the prestigious PCMA “20 in their Twenties” Award in 2018. She is also the cofounder of SheSharp, a community created to empower women by bringing diversity to Amsterdam’s technology and entrepreneur scene. 

How long have you worked in the events industry? 

I started working in the events industry in 2013.

What have been the stand-out moments of your career? 

One moment I will never forget was for sure sharing the stage with 19 other young professionals in Nashville, Tennessee at PCMA Convening Leaders 2018 when I received the 20s in their Twenties award. It was a very special moment standing in front of thousands of peers who were applauding.

What do you love most about the Event Industry? 

We are a special small community, usually behind the scenes, making sure everyone has a great time and can meet to conduct business or to network. Some of my friends or family members don’t understand what my job really is but I know that within our community we know how much value we bring to the table and that we are important for economic and societal improvements for everyone. I really like this feeling of belonging, that everyone is supportive, which stood out in the past years and I’m so grateful that a lot of peers became friends over the years.

What was the last event on which you worked? 

I recently finished working on the online conference for the European Association for Flower Growers. They hired me to support them in the project management and organization of the event.   

Who has inspired you in your career? 

I met a lot of amazing people over the years but recently I’m inspired by people who lost their job or were brave to leave their jobs to start their own business. I’m starting my own network of freelancers or new business owners and it’s great to collaborate with others.

Why is it important to recognise the achievements of people and tech companies? 

It’s very important to acknowledge achievements of people and tech companies to show them what value their brought to people and the industry. Some companies operate more in the background and don’t get the moment to shine, so this is the time for them to be in the spotlight.

What would you like to see in this year’s entries? 

I’d love to see innovation and creativity especially for hybrid events.

What is the one piece of technology you can’t live without? 

I really value the invention of the internet. It’s a source for news and entertainment. It makes it possible to communicate with almost everyone around the world and enables me to work remotely from anywhere in the world, which I currently do in Cape Town, South Africa.

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