Best Practices for Developing Digital Marketing Campaigns for Virtual and Hybrid Film Festivals

Over the past 6 months, Fever Content, a boutique digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles, crafted and executed multi-channel marketing campaigns for the DOC NYC and Miami Film Festivals. Goals for both projects included maximizing virtual ticket sales and expanding brand awareness and engagement across the United States. Over the course of these two festivals, Fever Content generated more than 13M impressions, engendered 290K online engagements, helped drive over 350K people to festival homepages, and meaningfully broadened our client’s reach to all 50 states. Throughout this process, Fever Content has developed a series of best practices to help festival / event organizations setup, market, and support virtual, and hybrid events. These best practices span ad spend strategy, content calendar creation, customer service, operations, website usability, online infrastructure, e-commerce standards, and more. This presentation will highlight challenges, best practices and the short and long-term opportunities inherent in operating virtual ticketed-events to increase revenue and grow an organization’s brand to a national or global stage.

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