4Wall Europe makes strong investment in Elation Artiste™

First UK rental house to acquire Elation Artiste Monet™, Artiste Mondrian™ and Artiste Rembrandt™. Acquisition through Elation UK distribution partner Entedi continues Elation growth in key European market

Leading full-service video and lighting company 4Wall has extended its stock of Elation Artiste series LED moving heads into Europe with purchase of the Artiste Monet™ Profile, Artiste Mondrian™ Profile FX and Artiste Rembrandt™ Wash luminaires. Following on from 4Wall’s positive acquisition of Artiste series fixtures in the US earlier this year, and in the wake of a series of favorable product demos at the 4Wall facility in Blackburn this spring, 4Wall Europe has acquired a significant quantity of Artiste series units.

David March, Director of Business Development 4Wall, commented on the investment, “Following on from our recent investment in Elation fixtures in the US, we are pleased to have placed a significant order with Elation’s UK distributor Entedi for Artiste fixtures. We have chosen from the Artiste family the Monet, Mondrian and Rembrandt for their full continuity of colours and features, which we believe makes them ideal workhorse tools for designers and operators alike across the many facets of live events through to corporate conferences that we proudly service. Being the first in the UK to invest in these robust feature-rich Elation fixtures fits well with our commitment to provide the latest and greatest equipment, service and support.”

Sale of the Artiste units to 4Wall took place through Elation’s exclusive distribution partner in the UK, Entedi, working closely with Elation’s European office and Elation Business Development Manager Graham Hill. “We are thrilled to continue to grow the Elation brand in the UK by helping to bring this new technology to market,” stated Cally Bacchus, Managing Director for Entedi. “4Wall is breaking new ground with a significant investment that demonstrates not only their confidence in the Elation product but a level of trust in Elation’s distribution presence in the UK. We have enjoyed 4Wall as a client for several years and look forward to continuing to meet their high standards by providing their team with important local support.”   

The purchase reinforces Elation’s strong partnership with 4Wall and complements nicely 4Wall US investments in 2021/22 in Mondrian, Rembrandt, Monet and Artiste Van Gogh units. 4Wall first began investing in Artiste in 2018 with the Artiste Picasso. The continuity with 4Wall in the US will benefit 4Wall on both sides of the Atlantic as US clients can now take advantage of the new UK-based Artiste gear when bringing tours to the UK.

Artiste is a multi-award-winning series of automated multipurpose LED moving heads that house exclusive technology like a heralded 7-flag SpectraColor™ (CMYRGB+CTO) colour mixing system, and a first-of-its-kind unlimited indexing and continuous rotation framing system. The Monet, Mondrian and Rembrandt also offer limitless texture, animation and layering solutions.

The lighting industry took notice in 2019 when the Artiste Monet won the PLASA Award for Innovation and a number of high-profile installations and projects for the Artiste series followed including the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, Royal Opera House London, and Hollywood Bowl in California among many others. Artiste fixtures have been used on an abundance of special events and corporate shows, and with exceptional power up to 51,000 lumens, they are ideal for arena touring.

4Wall took delivery of the new Artiste lights in May and are poised to employ them on live events this summer.