Using data to predict future event success

How are you measuring your event success? Do you truly understand the impact of your events on the communities you serve? And how can you make your event programs more valuable to attendees?

At Explori, we’re on a mission to help event planners, their teams and business stakeholders understand the true value their events and the influence they have on wider business priorities.

In this session, recognised event industry powerhouse and VP Senior Corporate Relations Chloe Richardson will walk event planners through:

• How data can be used to predict future event success
• How do we know whether your event is delivering on its value promise
• How do we make sure our events are resilient
• How having access to accurate and timely data can help event planners can their events for the better.

This session is perfect for senior event leaders, event professionals looking to demonstrate event success to their business leaders and planners who are on a personal growth mission to develop their events career.

Attendees to this session will receive a free copy of the Explori Event Measurement Playbook and 10% off the PCMA Event Data Certification course.