Ticket Tailor launches with Tixel to provide ethical ticketing from the first ticket sold to the last person in

Leading event ticketing platform, Ticket Tailor and honest ticket resale marketplace, Tixel have today announced an integration partnership that will see the two ticketers work together to offer a full-cycle safe, ethical, fairly-priced and easy ticketing solution for event organisers and event goers.

Some features of the partnership will include leveraging APIs to validate the authenticity of resale tickets in real-time and reissue a brand new ticket to the new buyer which ensures that all Ticket Tailor tickets sold on Tixel are legitimate and the transaction is handled securely, every time. Integrating Tixel into an event also allows event organisers to take control of how their event tickets are resold in an effort to eradicate scalping and have full visibility into who actually walks through the gate.

George Follett, Ticket Tailor’s Commercial Director shared: “We’ve watched the rise of Tixel over the last few years and have always felt an affinity between what they are trying to achieve and what we offer at Ticket Tailor. We believe that bringing our platforms together offers a truly ethical solution for festivals and events who are looking to disrupt the status quo of excessive booking fees, fake tickets and price gouging. We can’t wait to see this integration having an impact on ticket buyers and event organisers around the world.”

Ticket Tailor and Tixel both adhere to a belief that attendee data belongs to the event organiser and that operating with transparency helps achieve a shared goal of selling more tickets. For example, the ability for potential resale ticket buyers to pre-authorise their credit cards to automatically buy when tickets are listed on Tixel gives Ticket Tailor event organisers a gauge on real-time market demand in the instance they’re able to increase capacity, release more tickets, or put on another date.

“Ticket Tailor and Tixel are an absolute essential combo for any Event Manager big or small. I’ve used both platforms for half a decade and it’s fair to say I’m stoked they’re partnering. This will definitely improve the experience for ticket holders of my events and will make my life as an Event Promoter much easier”

— Louis Murphy-Harris, Director of Tora Bombora & The Aotearoa Surf Film Festival.

A strong consumer preference for flexibility with purchases emerged out of COVID and having a safe resale channel helps ticket buyers easily on-sell their tickets if their plans change. 90% of tickets listed on Tixel sell in just four days which has a meaningful impact on reducing the no-shows that can negatively impact the increasingly important in-venue revenue. Resale can also help fuel initial ticket sales — a recent research report discovered that over 80% of people were more likely to buy if they know there’s an easy option to resell the ticket at a later date should their plans change.

“We love the ethos of Ticket Tailor. The team has really embraced and adapted to the behaviours of today’s ticket buyer and changing market conditions to bring about the best possible outcomes for their event organiser customers. Keeping fees low is great for organisers and fans alike and it aligns so nicely with Tixel’s mission to get more people to the events they love,” said Zac Leigh, Tixel Co-Founder and CEO

The functionality of the integration is available immediately to all event organisers setting up a Ticket Tailor event through a simple integration from their event dashboard.

Create your event for free tickettailor.com | See how easy it is to integrate Ticket Tailor and Tixel

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