The best lead generation tactics to increase conversions by 3.5x

Do you want to enhance your lead capture process, maximise your lead generation potential and drive 3.5x more conversions for your exhibitors?

After attending this session, you will gain knowledge about new technologies and trends, as well as learn new strategies and methods for improving lead capture at exhibitions and events.

In this session, you will learn how to maximise revenue, maximise lead capture opportunities, and increase event and session participation for your exhibitors.

Find out how to capture leads with industry-leading methods, best practices, and new approaches, such as:

• Understanding of universal lead capture and its benefits
• A modern approach to lead capture, methods for a hybrid world, data collection, and tips for qualifying leads
• How to take advantage of best practices to maximize the quality and quantity of leads, engage attendees, and make the process repeatable
• The best way to follow up with leads – responding, storing, calculating return on investment