Streampoint welcomes Chad Blaise as new Chief Executive Officer to propel expansion and innovation

Streampoint, an innovative marketing technology company specializing in events, proudly announces the appointment of Chad Blaise as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

With over ten years of unparalleled expertise spearheading event technology ventures for industry giants, Chad Blaise’s illustrious career spans pivotal roles at Microsoft, Event Farm, Bizzabo, and Stova. Renowned as a visionary leader, Chads brings a wealth of experience to Streampoint, poised to ignite a new chapter of growth and advancement.

“The board unanimously agrees that Chad embodies the quintessential qualities to steer Streampoint towards unprecedented growth and prosperity,” stated Dharmesh Dayabhai, Board Member of Streampoint Inc. “His remarkable track record of innovation, execution, and team development amid technological disruptions and industry shifts solidifies him as a global leader. Chad’s leadership promises to deliver exceptional experiences, and we eagerly welcome him to Streampoint.”

Strategic Growth

“Innovation is the lifeblood of our industry, and I am thrilled to work alongside a dedicated team that possesses profound knowledge of event technology, from registration to onsite management and housing,” remarked Chad Blaise, Streampoint’s newly appointed CEO. “Together, we will leverage this expertise to drive strategic growth and deliver unparalleled value to our clients.”

Chad Blaise also expressed his excitement about the future of Streampoint, stating, “I am excited to bring innovation not only to our existing brands but also to pave the way for new brands. Our approach emphasizes data-driven decision-making for everyone involved in events, ensuring maximum impact and efficiency.”

Thought Leadership

“Events are not just events; they are supercharged with data,” noted Chad Blaise. “They are sophisticated marketing campaigns with deep data insights, elevating event leaders and organizers to positions of influence. This shift transforms their roles from mere cost center management to becoming strategic revenue drivers within the marketing organization. Our mission is to empower these event professionals, enabling them to harness the wealth of data across our brands and seamlessly integrate with other platforms.”

Under Chad’s leadership, Streampoint is committed to driving innovation and thought leadership in the event industry. “We are dedicated to helping our clients do more with data,” Chad emphasized. “Our platforms and solutions are designed to provide actionable insights and drive success in an increasingly data-driven world.”