Sponsored Games from Duelbox are Coming to Live Sports

Duelbox is an audience engagement platform that brings customizable, mass-participation digital games to live events! Participants join on their personal device by scanning a QR code, no apps or downloads needed. Duelbox has games like Live Trivia, Scavenger Hunt, Spin Wheel, and even a Race Game! Duelbox is great for team buildings, corporate events, trade shows, and more. Duelbox is now expanding its offering to include live sports!

We are excited to announce that Duelbox is now expanding to include live sports!

Over the past few years Duelbox has integrated into all kinds of events, from team buildings to weddings to massive trade shows, and have received rave reviews from attendees and event organizers alike. Duelbox has always prioritized the experience of attendees at live events. Fans attending live sports events are no different.

Duelbox is thrilled to now be engaging fans and boosting sponsorship revenue for sports organizations! This means that fans will now have the opportunity to engage with Duelbox games at their favorite sporting events, such as basketball, hockey, soccer, and more!

We believe that our technology will enhance the fan experience at live sports events and make them even more enjoyable and engaging. Duelbox is excited to join sports fans at the game and is looking forward to seeing the impact it will have on the way people experience live sports events.

Additionally, Duelbox games bring power to sports organizations as a sponsorship platform. Sports teams will be able to partner with sponsors for Duelbox games, allowing them to generate revenue while also giving fans an unforgettable experience.

Duelbox is committed to providing the best possible experience for fans and sport organizations alike and is constantly looking for new ways to innovate and improve the games and platform. Duelbox will be a good fit in the sports world and will help to make live sports events even more exciting and memorable.

If you are involved in a sports organization and would like to learn more about how Duelbox can improve your fan experience and provide your organization with additional sponsorship revenue, please schedule a demo to talk with the Duelbox team today.

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