Sessionboard launches Speaker CRM Platform

Sessionboard has announced a major update to its quickly growing speaker and content management platform, calling it Speaker CRM.

Sessionboard’s new tool allows event marketing teams to automatically track, manage, search for, communicate with and activate their speakers across their entire portfolio of events (from an organization’s flagship conference, to field marketing events, to webinars, case studies or any other activation).

Sessionboard’s speaker CRM allows an organizer to centralize all of their speakers, champions and influencers in one place, while allowing the event marketing team to categorize and track a wealth of profile, demographic, expertise, reviews and comparative information.

“In the dynamic world of event marketing, your speaker network can be one of your most valuable assets. The ideal speaker or champion for any activation, can result in: more attendees, a more engaged audience and ultimately more leads. Yet, until today this valuable information is rarely centralized and definitely not actionable, because most teams don’t have a tool to help. Like CRM for sales, we believe Speaker CRM will be a critical component for every marketing team” said, Chris Carver, CEO of Sessionboard.



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May 1-2, 2024

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