Lineup Ninja launches real-time agenda information for Digital Event Signage

Now you can publish real-time agenda information and sponsor logos to your screens directly from your agenda planning tool.

Agenda information published from Lineup Ninja and displayed on screens at NHS Confed Expo in 2022

You know the problem: the agenda for your event is in an Excel spreadsheet and you need it to be displayed on screens around your venue. Getting the information from one to the other involves work.

It’s work that needs doing during the busy run-up to the event (or even worse, during the event) when you have a million other things to do. And maintaining different copies of the information can lead to things getting out of sync, causing confusion and stress when you least need it.

That work could involve manually creating Powerpoint slide decks for each screen, which have to be manually advanced by a technician during the event, which introduces the risk of human error.

Lineup Ninja for Digital Signage

Lineup Ninja Speaker Management Software includes an agenda planner that acts as a ‘single source of truth’ for the event’s agenda. It allows you to publish the agenda to several places: website, virtual platform, mobile app and now digital signage:

A typical workflow in Lineup Ninja — now with added signage!

The digital signage feature works by publishing a separate web page for each screen. These pages may correspond to each theatre, or be a combined view of multiple theatres. The devices that drive each screen simply connect to the relevant web page with their browser.

As time moves forward, the web pages are updated automatically to show what’s currently on, and what’s coming up.

If something on your agenda changes at the last minute, you can simply make the change in Lineup Ninja and publish everywhere with a few clicks:

Screenshot of Lineup Ninja’s publishing page, showing currently configured publishing endpoints and last published times for each one.


This approach brings several benefits:

  1. No manual work creating Powerpoints for each screen, loading them onto screens or advancing the slides at the right time: saves time and reduces the risk of human error.
  2. Easy to ensure data is correct and consistent across all digital assets.
  3. One-click publishing: last-minute changes are reflected immediately. Speakers’ names can be published on signage with confidence that any cancellations/replacements can be propagated to signage quickly.
  4. High-profile location for sponsor logos is a revenue opportunity.
  5. Providing screens alongside Lineup Ninja’s mobile-first agenda web app can remove the need for an event app, reducing costs.


NHS Confederation used the system for their Expo at ACC Liverpool in June 2022. Senior Event Manager, Nick Westerman described the time-saving as a “Lifesaver”.

ACC Liverpool Production Manager Dave Batemen commented “The team are amazed by what you’re doing”.

Roar B2B used the system at UK Care Week, Naidex & Neuro Convention at Birmingham NEC in July 2022. They estimate that the saving on signage pays for Lineup Ninja content management system and still delivers a saving of £1,500.

Event Tech Live used the signage at their London show in November 2022. They were able to save the costs of an event app, as the combination of the agenda being published to the website and signage around the venue was sufficient for their needs.

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