Leaderpass Partners with Marco Giberti on Business of Events Masterclass Program

Leaderpass announced the opening of its Business of Events Masterclass (mBE). The self-paced, online course leverages decades of leadership experience to prepare executives, entrepreneurs, and investors for the future of events.

Leaderpass is a media distribution platform that showcases world-class experts and events. It was built by veteran producers of training, coaching programs, niche education, and global simulcasts.

Marco Giberti, exhibition organizer, entrepreneur, investor, and author of two books, Reinventing Live: The Always On Future of Events and The Face of Digital, is teaching the course, which also features industry leaders and thinkers from across the event landscape.

“For 20 years, our team’s focus has been to produce global simulcast events and digital courses allowing us to serve thousands of corporate clients and 1,000,000+ attendees throughout the U.S. and 79 foreign countries & territories. We are excited to partner with Marco Giberti to bring this learning style to the events space,” commented Jamie Minton, CEO of Leaderpass.

With the 15+ hours of Giberti’s instruction as well as additional content to be added throughout the year, mBE includes commentary, advice, and trends elicited from industry executives and influencers, including Sam Barthelme, Carina Bauer, Monique Ruff-Bell, Robyn Duda, Lance Fensterman, Mike Fiber, Trevor Foley, Dahlia El Gazzar, Aaron Levant, Charles McCurdy, Paul Miller, Denzil Rankine, Hervé Sedky, Julius Solaris, Greg Topalian, and Jay Weintraub.

“There is plenty of excellent tactical content available for event professionals who want to obtain day-to-day knowledge about the events industry. But very little (or almost nothing) is available for those curious about the business of events, with a specific emphasis on the future of the live-events industry. So, that’s our focus with mBE,” Marco Giberti said.

The 16-module course curriculum covers a range of topics, such as:

·   Business models

·   Launching events

·   Strategy roadmap

·   Technology and innovation

·   Talent in the event industry

·   Mergers and acquisitions

·   Marketing and sales strategies

·   Future of events

mBE helps business leaders discover new opportunities, rethink and improve their businesses, and prepare for the future of the events industry. All content is pre-recorded so viewers can learn at their own pace from the comfort of their own offices or homes.

Enrollment is open at businessofevents.com. For more information, please contact Jamie Minton – jamie@leaderpass.com.