Johnny Martinez of CrowdComms takes the helm as Chair of the APEX Commission

Johnny Martinez, a recent addition to the CrowdComms Account Management team, has been appointed Chair of the APEX Commission. The Event Industry Council has recognized Johnny’s invaluable contributions since 2020 and his new leadership role is set to amplify Johnny’s impact on the global events industry.

Johnny’s enthusiasm for driving the events industry towards greater inclusivity and effectiveness has been evident through his volunteer work with the Event Industry Council. His recent appointment underscores his extensive commitment and passion for the sector.

Upon accepting his new role, Johnny stated, “I am honoured to lead the APEX Commission in their mission to shape the future of the events industry. Together, we will continue to create and implement standards that elevate our industry to new heights.” This sentiment aligns with the Commission’s ongoing commitment to fostering excellence and innovation.

“We are thrilled to have Johnny chair the APEX Commission,” said EIC CEO Amy Calvert. “His unwavering commitment to the global business events industry, servant leader approach and innate curiosity make him the ideal person to lead the Commission and guide its important, far-reaching work.”

Matt Allen, Managing Director of CrowdComms remarked: “As we welcome Johnny into the team here at CrowdComms, we are excited for him to take this leadership role within the events industry. We are confident that his knowledge, insights and dedication will lead the APEX Commission to achieve remarkable advancements in creating and establishing practices that foster efficiency and effectiveness across the events industry worldwide.”

Johnny is eager to steer the events industry toward a future wherein efficiency, effectiveness, and inclusivity are paramount. With his leadership, the Commission is well-positioned to deliver on its promise of enhancing the quality and execution of events on a global stage.