Innovative digital marketing group based in the UK installs ROE Jasper LED wall in fresh studio build

“Quality, performance and technical support were all crucial in making the decision” says Marketing + Technologies Group CEO Roland Renshaw.

Midland Road Studios is home to broadcast studios which are designed with content creation in mind for live, virtual and hybrid events. The ROE wall is used for multi-purposes, from Croma key to global live stream presentations and immersive live feeds from HD 3D environments created by group company V-Ex.

V-Ex is a global leader in virtual exhibitions and is using its new studio to blend live elements into hybrid events. By using digital innovation in the form of the online V-Ex virtual venue and event platform the studio increases audience engagement, and blending the two enables its customers to reach a larger audience with more accessible content delivered in a more sustainable way.

After a successful trial with a ROE Black Onyx (BO2) 2.84mm pitch frame mounted LED wall system, group CEO Roland Renshaw was happy to sign off the investment in a new 2.6mm pixel pitch permanent-install 6x3m Jasper LED wall mounted system. This means that audiences from all over the world are captivated by the beautiful, dynamic visual medium created by the fidelity and hyper-realistic 4K visuals.

“High-quality, stunning-performance, slim profile and friendly technical support were all crucial in our decision making. The LED wall is ideal for those occasions when our customers want to bring their content to an audience wider than could ever attend a physical event,” says Group CEO Roland Renshaw.

With its high-quality, energy efficient HDR technology, it’s a class leading solution. The wall was simple to install with engineered but lightweight aluminium frames that lock together to form a rigid grid structure, supporting a modular slim-line, space saving LED panel design. Each LED panel is held in place with magnets making them easy to install and service as they are mounted and removed from the front.

“Wiring, fixing and adjustment features used during install are all nicely engineered and allowed us to install and commission quickly with great results straight away” adds Roland.

Every four panels connect to a dedicated CPU that handles the rendering of V-Ex’s sophisticated, interactive digital environments while only drawing 170w per panel on average. This, in conjunction with the V-Ex studios, “Powered by Sunshine” initiative, which makes use of solar energy, offers a low-carbon, low-operating cost solution. Especially when compared to physical event hosting, travel, and accommodation costs.

The demand for its service is growing since the installation of the 6m x 3m LED wall, so V-Ex has confirmed that it will be working with ROE in the near future to install a full extended reality (XR) setup with a video floor and additional video walls to enable an even more immersive broadcast and recording experience.

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