Hopin Brings Live Streaming to Enterprise with StreamYard Business

Hopin is also launching Internationalization and a redesign of StreamYard.com

Hopin, a leading virtual and hybrid experiences platform redefining connection around the world, has announced significant updates and features to its product portfolio with the release of StreamYard Business. StreamYard Business is a new pricing plan and feature set designed for enterprise organizations who want to build authentic brands and connect with their communities through live streaming. Hopin is also announcing Internationalization on StreamYard, to offer translation into multiple native languages for better accessibility, starting with Spanish and Portuguese. Coming soon, StreamYard Studio will be integrated into Hopin’s backstage so event hosts have access to seamless, branded and professional live streaming.

“Live streaming is at an inflection point,” said Geige Vandentop, GM of StreamYard at Hopin. “The past year we’ve witnessed brands fundamentally change the way they market themselves, with video and live streaming at the forefront of that shift. Live streaming is now mainstream, and it serves as an authentic form of community engagement, which, more and more, is being sought out by consumers from the businesses and organizations that they love.”

StreamYard Business is designed to give enterprise customers the fullest capabilities and flexibility that StreamYard has to offer, including features that provide more control, more collaboration tools and more support for users. It’s built for organizations with numerous teams or departments that produce multiple, separate live streams, offering a single-point of control to better organize and manage workspaces. StreamYard Business is also designed for agencies seeking to collaborate with clients, allowing them to bring external users into existing workspaces.  

As the highest rated live stream software on G2 (an average rating of 4.9 out of 5), it’s no surprise StreamYard has thousands of enterprise customers including Google for Startups, JCPenney, and Freshworks. 

“At Teachable, we run a few very high visibility virtual events every single year (bringing in 60,000 – 70,000 registrants). Before using StreamYard, we had a very complicated system set up that proved to be both unreliable and stressful. It was also very difficult for our guest speakers to use and took many duck tape solutions,” said Jess Catorc, Head of Partnerships at Teachable. “As soon as we moved over to StreamYard, it was like night and day. We no longer needed 30 minute tech rehearsals with speakers; the platform has consistently been reliable, and we are able to do many of the complex things that we required from our old platform (like pre-recorded videos, pre-roll, multi-guest panels, etc.). It’s been a hit with every speaker we bring in too.”

“Eighty percent of consumers prefer watching live video over reading blogs or articles (Livestream/New York Magazine). With StreamYard Business, why not bring your community into a more engaging experience, whether it’s a show, an event, or a virtual meetup,” said Vandentop. “Organizations have the opportunity to humanize their brand and extend their reach globally, in real-time.” 

Hopin is also pleased to announce the redesign of StreamYard.com, where more information can be found on StreamYard Business, including pricing; or contact sales at StreamYard.com/contact-sales.