EventsCase announces its successful certification as a sustainable resource for events

EventsCase achieves the EventSost accreditation as a sustainable resource by demonstrating its ability to improve sustainable event management results. The platform will enjoy this certification until 2023.

The audit has shown that EventsCase works to organise more sustainable events and actively collaborates in:

• Reducing the consumption of materials in events

• Eliminating waste derived from disassembling the stand for events

• Saving on energy costs

• Reducing CO2 emissions

Along with this certification, EventsCase is in the process of achieving the ISO-9001 and ISO-27000 quality certifications that will consolidate the event management software as a safe, robust and reliable platform.

EventSost is the leading sustainability certification for the global events industry. Its certification allows certified companies to implement a sustainability management system in events, complying with the most essential best practices accepted by the international events community and being updated about the leading sustainable solutions for existing events.