EventR unveils groundbreaking digital itineraries ecosystem Tog Team Travel

In a landmark move set to redefine the landscape of team travel coordination, EventR, the brainchild of visionary entrepreneur Otmar Szanfauer and the innovative team at Soft Pauer, has unveiled its revolutionary digital itineraries ecosystem. This cutting-edge solution promises to reshape the dynamics of group travel across diverse industries, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of event planning.

Drawing on his extensive experience as an ex-F1 Team Principal and Soft Pauer Chairman, Otmar Szanfauer brings a wealth of expertise to the table. With a deep understanding of efficient travel’s critical role in team dynamics, Szanfauer, alongside collaborator Alex Powell, embarked on a mission to revolutionise how teams plan and coordinate their journeys.

“Having overseen countless journeys around the globe, I understand the crucial role efficient travel plays in team dynamics,” explains Szanfauer. “With EventR, we’re poised to redefine how teams plan and coordinate their events, empowering them to achieve unparalleled efficiency and performance.”

At the heart of EventR lies a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline efficiency and foster collaboration. By providing fully personalized shared itineraries updated in real-time, EventR eliminates the need for cumbersome paper documents, offering a seamless experience for team members. Additionally, its integrated chat functionality enables real-time communication, allowing teams to easily adapt plans on the go.

For organisations seeking greater control over their travel operations, EventR offers the Coordinator Hub—a robust platform equipped with tools for budgeting, expense tracking, and ESG reporting. This empowers administrators to streamline travel management precisely, driving greater efficiency and accountability within their teams.

The release of the EventR Team App, available for download on iOS and Android, marks a significant milestone in the journey towards more efficient and collaborative team travel.