Event Technology Awards US & Canada Judge Spotlight: Hayley Haggarty

The Event Technology Awards (ETA) US & Canada are proud to announce Hayley Haggarty as a judge for the inaugural stateside edition.

Hayley Haggarty has worked in the event industry for over 15 years across various disciplines and industries.  She began her event career at UBM in London, then moved over to California to continue working at UBM (now Informa), managing medical and manufacturing events. She then moved to VentureBeat as GM of Events to head up their AI and Gaming events portfolio, and is currently working for Virgin Galactic, managing future astronaut and member events, as well as the spaceflight customer experience.

How long have you worked in the events industry?

15 years

What have been the stand-out moments of your career?

Being on the team that has created the blueprint for the customer experience of earth’s first spaceline has been unbelievable. It’s always such a great and daunting experience doing something for the first time. I have always enjoyed launching events, there’s something special and hectic about the unknown!

What do you love most about the Event Industry?

This is true for many industries, but for the most part, strategy and execution are so closely intertwined in the event industry, which I love. You can strategize, be successful, and grow an event 30% YoY, but if the coffee is diabolical and the wayfinding signage doesn’t work (and you don’t change it), well the growth will be very short lived.

What was the last event on which you worked?

If you want to call a spaceflight an event, I am so fortunate to be part of the team who send people to space and create those memorable experiences around the spaceflight for our future astronauts and family and friends. It’s such a monumental moment in the flyer’s life, that we do everything possible to make sure every experience is thoughtful, no matter how small.

Who has inspired you in your career? 

The female leaders I worked with at UBM/Informa were all very instrumental in my career. It’s hard to pick just one, which I’m very lucky to say.

Why is it important to recognise the achievements of people and tech companies? 

Technology brings us closer to the data we require to continue to make data decisions and improve the experience of all aspects of the event. The ETAs highlights the importance that tech plays in the event industry, and continues to make event tech a priority in the industry.

What would you like to see in this year’s entries?

Advances in AI technology and new applications on how we can continue to use this tech in the event industry. Any new ways we can capture attendee behavior and have this information be available immediately. I would also like to see how virtual event platforms are expanding their virtual event tech, improving the online attendee event experience.

What is the one piece of technology you can’t live without?

Without saying smart phone, I would need to say camera technology. As someone who lives far away from family, being able to facetime is so wonderful.

The Event Technology Awards Program is now open for entries in the US & Canada. Event Tech companies can enter here