Event Technology Awards US & Canada Judge Spotlight: Brandon Wernli

The Event Technology Awards (ETA) US & Canada are proud to announce Brandon Wernli as a judge for the inaugural stateside edition.

Founder and CEO of BW Events, one of the fastest growing event technology consulting teams with vast international reach servicing some of the top global brands. Awards have included: “Best Digital Agency”, “Best Founder” and “Best Event Technician”.

Brandon has been instrumental in overseeing the Cisco Live and Google Cloud technology deployment and strategy for several years. While consulting one Fortune 50 company, the team won a Silver Award at EventTech for work in integrated AI/AR powered recommendation experience for over 30,000 attendees. He also led a groundbreaking global effort for AI-personalization and facial recognition technology across their global customer conferences. 

Over 18 years of event technology experience deploying solutions involving an array of registration platforms, BI tools, analytics, integrations, BLE, RFID, attendee journeys, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, wayfinding, proximity-based messaging/personalization, and more.

How long have you worked in the events industry? 

18 years

What have been the stand-out moments of your career? 

Successfully deployed a global AI initiative for an award-winning Fortune 50 company event. This global deployment won industry awards and received a lot of attention for its forward thinking and KPI driven approach. 

What do you love most about the Event Industry?

I love the innovation and calculated risk taking that many event teams are willing to take. Within this environment, the ability to bring the best of breed technologies and knowledge to the table in order to create solutions that have never been seen is extremely rewarding. 

What was the last event on which you worked? 

My organization manages 1000’s of events on a yearly basis. 

Who has inspired you in your career? 

The event leadership team at Cisco Live were great mentors for me. They are first-class in their delivery, strategy and operations. My time with them has molded me significantly in my career. 

Why is it important to recognise the achievements of people and tech companies? 

There is a hunger in the industry to bring awareness to tech efficiency, creativity and solution to everyday challenges.  Events like ETA allow innovative ideas to be circulated throughout the industry in a seamless way. 

What would you like to see in this year’s entries? 

I look forward to seeing entries that are new and innovative and solve a real challenge or have moved an organization’s event KPIs in a measurable way. 

What is the one piece of technology you can’t live without?

Fitbit for tracking exercising 

The Event Technology Awards Program is now open for entries in the US & Canada. Event Tech companies can enter here



The 2024 Event Technology Awards are now open for entries! 

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Entry Deadline: 31st July 2024

Winners Announced: 20th November 2024 at Event Tech Live London

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