Event Tech Talk Show Season 2 Episode 9: Beams

‘Designed in Belgrade. Made remotely worldwide’, Beams is the business, launched in 2020, behind its eponymous ‘virtual event engine with a one-window technology’.

In this episode, recorded the day registration opened for Event Tech Live 2022, topically, host Adam Parry talks to Yana Kuodis, co-founder and head of business development at Beams, who can trace her history in events back as far school, and Nadya Kuzmenko, head of marketing, whose experience from other fields left her with a commitment to carry the big ideas.

Born of, and during, the pandemic, Beams’ focus is on strengthening the hand of virtual events, pushing on to unleash still untapped potential and revenue.

Across a fascinating 45 minutes, the conversation covers how it feels to be encouraging people to deliver digital events while the in-person option is where the want is. And the argument between ‘how the virtual model was thrust on a population typically not interested, invested or truly understanding the concept’ and the extraordinary amount of time huge numbers working at home spend, interacting, learning, buying and selling online.

There’s more too of course…