Event Tech Awards & Evessio – Case Study

Event technology specialist Evessio’s platforms play an integral part in the delivery of the Event Technology Awards (ETA).

Partnered with ETA since 2018, Evessio is involved with the process from the very beginning, assisting in the set-up of the Event Technology Awards site, the registrations and beyond.

The Event Technology Awards’ team benefits from the expertise of Evessio’s project and account management to support in the delivery of the project from start to finish. 

“This is the fifth year we have worked with Evessio,” sales and marketing director, Kizzy Allott, said. “Its system replaced entries on word docs, spreadsheets et al, enabling us to up our game and makes everything much easier, much quicker, dealing with the whole process – from entry submissions to judging to ticket sales for a physical or virtual event.”

Constantly developing the kit to lead in the events industry, Evessio’s digital products have changed dramatically over the ETA years, always on the look out for means to deliver more.

“Evessio works collaboratively with its customers including the ETA team and we have grown together to ensure all features of the technology are maximised to deliver an amazing website and a platform that gives entrants, sponsors and judges a superior experience” marketing manager, Claire Singleton, explained.

“Evessio is the go-to solution for businesses running Awards and Conferences and the Event Technology Awards are one of the most prestigious programmes of its kind recognising the achievements of companies – some established, some start-ups and all points inbetween delivering digital and technological solutions to the events industry across the world. It is a natural fit that Evessio works with the Event Technology Awards, two industry leaders always striving for excellence and first class service. It is a continued testament to Evessio’s people, technology, and service to be part of this program.” 

“Event technology providers deliver different products and services which cater for different event needs,” Singleton adds. “It’s so important that those businesses can be recognised for their innovative solutions and unique products that support our industry. The Event Technology Awards absolutely achieves this.” 

In the traditionally wide angle lens/’broad reach is best’ approach to trade awards, the ETA’s singular focus shines a sought after light on the massive market that sits under its simple title – event management software is a growing market and is expected to be worth $14.1bn by 2026 making the likes of Evessio and the Event Technology Awards greatly impactful to the longevity of industry advancements.



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