#ETLVegas23 On-Demand: From paused to unleashed — The return of innovation

Gaze-based Interfaces. Holoportation. Hacking Brainwaves. Generative AI. Facial recognition. Wearables. Augmented Keynotes. Robots. And so much more. The innovations were pouring into the events and experiential marketing space… in 2019. For a few years, through the recovery and reunions, event technology innovations were put on pause.

Today, it’s time to do more than pick up where we left off. It’s time to unleash a new era of innovation.

In this fast-moving session, we will explore the landscape of event tech innovation, share trends, and spotlight new from-the-lab technologies that will drive the future of events. Buckle up, take notes with your favorite AI buddy, and walk away with the inspiration, cutting-edge ideas, and fresh technologies to try at your next event.



Event Tech Live
Las Vegas
May 1-2, 2024

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