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Gaurav Garg

Founder & CTO

About Gaurav

Gaurav Garg is the Founder & CTO of SiteSutra - an inclusive Event Marketing Platform which aims to redefine the Digital Marketing EcoSystem for events of all magnitudes, big or small, and paid or free...

With his first degree in Computing, followed by Masters in Events Management (and TopUps in Media Planning and Brand Building), he has worked with marquee Events and Brands in Indian Subcontinent. Building intellectual properties, curating digital assets and steering marketing mandates of Large-Format Televised Events and Multi-National Consumer Brands, Gaurav has been closely observing and analysing role of marketing efficacy in event's success. He has been constantly building solutions to better Event's reach, engagement, and experience for last two decades.

Gaurav has been passionately involved in events industry research and its technology advancements. He is a regular faculty at leading business schools on subject of events marketing sharing his insights and experiences. Since a decade, Gaurav has been instrumental in propagating the marketing best practices for Indian Events Community organising B2B Trade Shows, Conventions and Symposiums under the banner of 'eventfulindia'.

At Sutra Tech Labs - a boutique technology StartUp Lab, bootstrapped in New Delhi creating SaaS products, Gaurav has been ardently working for last 3 years on creating Web 3.0 Digital EcoSystem for Global Events Industry - a platform where engagement and entertainment is immersive and holistic by default. With the larger vision behind all initiatives being the only one - to embrace the very best of BigData Analytics, serving clients an approach of informed decision making that is secure, scalable, and sustainable...

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