Your Event Community, the Gift that keeps on Giving

“Engage with your event community 365 days of the year!”

“Make your participants feel like they’re part of something bigger.”

“Be ready to engage with virtual/hybrid/in-person attendees in any way!”

We’ve all seen, and heard, this advice offered over the last year. But these aren’t new strategies. Making event participants feel part of the event, appreciated for attending, and engaged with the right information are key foundational elements for a successful event, in any setting.

Join Peter Deitz (Co-Founder, Unwrapit) in conversation with Rachel Stephan (snöballer-in-chief, snöball) and Matt Harris (CEO, Konduko) as they explore unique ways to create engagement with your event community, year round. Creating real, authentic connections with your attendees, other than during the days of your event, is considered the ‘holy grail’ of communication. Rachel, Peter and Matt feel strongly that it’s possible through the use of strategic, smart, event technology and out of the box thinking.

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