VSef 2.0 new updated data standards announced

VSef, the global data format for digital event technologies, has today unveiled the next phase of its evolution.

Working in collaboration with many world-leading organisers and digital event platforms, the VSef data standards have been further developed to cater to the rapidly evolving demands of the industry.

Overseen by Explori and its digital platform and organiser partners, VSef 2.0 includes a range of essential new features as well as a ground-breaking new set of API standards enabling organisers to easily pull their data from multiple platforms into their own systems. The working groups that have helped to develop VSef 2.0 include data professionals and senior strategists within Informa Markets, RX, Clarion Events, IMEX, Messe Frankfurt, Grip, ExpoPlatform, Notified, Balluun and many others.

VSef was launched in early 2021, with the aim of creating a unified data standard which can be used by any event organiser, to simplify the process of moving consistent data between event platforms, sales and marketing systems and business intelligence tools. Using the standards will simplify the process for event organisers, as well as offer access to a better range of event metrics and engagement KPIs. This will inevitably lead to organisers improving their digital event strategies and experiences benefiting their brands and the industry as a whole.

The VSef 2.0 updated standards include:

  • Enhanced language capabilities, allowing data gathered by platforms to be managed in different languages, ideal for event organisers running international event businesses.
  • A refinement of data from exhibitor and sponsor directories, with better management of exhibitors’ products.  
  • Enhanced management of customised data fields, allowing event organisers to gather all the event data within single data download.

Mark Brewster, founder & ceo of Explori and VSef, commented,

“We are delighted to have had so much support from our founding partners, which has helped us to refine and evolve VSef 2.0 to better meet the needs of event organisers.

“When we launched VSef our aim was to eliminate the data silos which pose significant barriers to event organisers having the best possible insight into their customers and audiences.

“In any sector, the creation of a universal data format benefits both the businesses operating within the sector and the wider industry itself. Our goal is to create positive impact across any organisation delivering digital events by giving organisers the freedom to use the best event technologies available, without being limited by the siloed nature of the data they offer. In corporate event teams, trade associations and expo organisers, this enables senior event professionals and CMOs access to wider intelligence and transparency across their event portfolios.”

Ben Chodor, president at Notified added,

“Data is absolutely critical to innovation for the event industry – we’re thrilled to be part of VSef’s initiative to drive progress through measurement and data standards. Our data professionals have worked collaboratively both with professionals across the industry and the VSef team to help develop a truly global format that stands up to the needs of today’s event businesses.”

Adam Parry