Vendoir – Event tech start-up spotlight

Founded: 30th October 2020


Oshoma Zekeri
Co-founder & CEO

Oshoma is a driven and motivated entrepreneur with over 10 years of leadership roles, as a  consultant at Barclays, Thomson Reuters, Refinitiv & CBRE, all of which included hosting various events. Oshoma is a passionate leader skilled in strategic, critical thinking, management and decision making. 
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Yoma James Kukor
 Co-founder & COO

With a background in telecoms, Yoma is founder & director of City Vybez, an events promotion company. He has great interpersonal, communication and organisational skills including operations management, policy development, and resource allocation expertise.

Charles Ofoegbu
Co-founder & CTO

Charles has more than 10 years’ experience in building and delivering high-performing, scalable, secure, enterprise-grade software. He is an agnostic engineer with previous professional roles spanning software architecture, lead and product development in various multi-disciplinary industries.

  1. What does the company do?

Vendoir founded by Oshoma Zekeri, Yoma James Kukor and Charles Ofoegbu is a UK based start-up providing an on-demand app that allows customers to connect, source and book event vendors/suppliers with ease. Vendoir is creating a seamless process, a platform, fpr sole traders, freelancers, start-ups and existing vendors to showcase their services to customers without paying for marketing. The app will allow customers to book vendors based on their budget, location, event type, experience etc. with just a few taps.

  1. Why was the company set up?

In 2016, CEO Oshoma needed suppliers for his event, to his budget, urgently. To his surprise, Oshoma could only do this through referrals and Google searches. Even then the vendors he found did not tick all the boxes. They were either overpriced or offering services he didn’t need to justify their prices. It was near impossible to find the right vendor at the right price for the exact type of event.

CTO Charles did not waste any time embracing the idea of Vendoir when it was pitched to him—having faced similar challenges a couple of times when he tried to book suppliers for some personal events.

Planning his wedding at that time Charles found It impossible to source a single result where he could locate and book the vendors in one place. The few solutions available were not pocket friendly and not on-demand.

COO Yoma, the founder of City Vybez, an event promotion company, understood the difficulties he knew it was time-consuming and expensive, so jumped at the idea of Vendoir when it was proposed to him.

Based on the team’s personal experiences, they came together to solve this problem.

  1. What problems or challenges do you solve for your users? 

‘Time is money’, no question. People don’t want to waste hours or days trying to buy or book anything in this fast-growing digital world. They want to find workable, proven, affordable solutions from their comfort zone, with a seamless process at any time. It is practically saying goodbye to looking for a vendor via Facebook or Google, which can be a daunting, stressful and time-consuming process that has no payment protection. 

The on-demand app we are developing will make it easier for individuals to source vendors of their choice at ease, to book and manage them all in one platform. It will allow vendors to manage their rates and schedules, network and scale their business without spending a penny on marketing.

Vendoir will help take all the hassle away and make your customer journey smooth and efficient. The app will also help solve technical challenges such as e-payment, service verification via reviews and ratings, time management, payment protection and reduction of carbon footprint i.e., the ability to book a vendor anywhere and anytime without travelling a distance to source it.

6) What’s the vision for the company? 

Our vision is to build the best on-demand platform, where people can instantly source and book event vendors that meet all their needs. It will enable small vendors to generate revenue and customers able to book suppliers within their budget. We want to give customers more than they expect by providing a product that is sticky, user friendly and loved by many.

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