Underutlized to Monetized: The business opportunity

As you know Uber and AirBnB are platforms that turn highly underutilized assets into monetization opportunities for ‘sellers’. So the internet ensures sellers can find a market for their underutilized assets. Since theoretically, any positive cash flow with these otherwise non-monetized assets is welcome for sellers, buyers too get a better price over other solutions.

But can this help venues and the hospitality industry?

Join Jason Allan Scott, the Founder of Kopus, as he explains how you can monetize your assets, quickly and profitably. Focused on:

#Sharing_economy: focus on the sharing of underutilised assets, monetised or not, in ways that improve efficiency, sustainability and community

#On_Demand_economy: focus on “on-demand” (i.e. immediate and access-based) provision of goods and services

#Freelance_economy: focus on workforce participation and income generation

#Access_economy: focus on “access over ownership”

#Crowd_economy: focus on economic models powered by “the crowd”

#Digital_economy: focus on anything powered by digital technologies

#Platform_economy: focus on anything powered by tech-centric platforms




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Las Vegas
May 1-2, 2024

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