Turn event attendees into content creators

Join this panel with leading speakers to discuss how to collaborate with your event audience to use content to build your 365 community and to create future event content

  • How to repurpose your event content to maintain 365 engagement with your audience and build into your year-round community
  • How content can increase the number of touchpoints with your industry and how this can provide greater customer insight to create actionable insights
  • How to use content for lead generation and for deeper actionable insights
  • How to gain increased insight into the true needs of your audience, which content are they engaging with the most and use this new insight into your future content strategy for your events
  • Create an environment where your customers and attendees are creating the content for your events with you and for your attendees to become your “content creators”
  • How technology has enabled innovative ways to deliver, consume and extend your event content.


Event Tech Live
Las Vegas
May 1-2, 2024

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