The new power of Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are not a short-lived trend, but a long-term development that will transform the way we plan, design and experience events in the future and will significantly emphasize the power of the live experience. There is no question that the current pandemic has fundamentally changed live communication. More than that, it has acted as a catalyst and accelerator for developments that began well in advance. Against the background of digitalisation, virtual elements have long been part of live events. Mostly however only as separate, self-contained units. In future there will be a great need for hybrid events that interweave “live” with “digital” and “virtual” with “in-person” at eye level. The opportunity: completely new, innovative and extremely effective communication possibilities. The challenge: in order for hybrid events to unfold their full power, events must be rethought and newly planned. In future we will need a completely new approach to events.


  • Why the future is hybrid
  • The current state of virtual events
  • The magic of the new power of live + virtual at eye level
  • How we create new innovative and effective communication possibilities with hybrid event