The long and short of Over The Top Media Services

Over the top (OTT) Streaming is becoming an increasingly important strategic tool for sports organisations at all levels to drive with participation growth, fan engagement and create new revenue streams. The rise of technological advances are now enabling sports organisations to develop DTC streaming offerings in a cost-efficient and easy way. As OTT innovation continues apace and technology becomes more affordable, it is creating even greater opportunity for properties further down sport’s traditional food chain. The result is a massive increase in the volume of niche content and the possibility for rights holders to access, identify and monetise.

While much of the noise and media coverage around OTT will continue to focus on premium rights holders, we must promote the services that exist for smaller federations and grassroots clubs, who are often the lifeblood for the professional end of the pyramid. All sports, teams, athletes and events have an audience and OTT platforms empower these stakeholders to find them and help them support and grow their sports in the long term.