The First Commerce-Driven, Hybrid, 3D Event Platform Launches

Combining their wealth of exhibition, event, TV, technical and creative expertise, The Assembly and Engage Works have launched enso, the world’s first experience-led virtual event ecosystem. Created to encapsulate the best of physical events, broadcast, and digital experiences, enso delivers the ultimate sustainable and future-proof hybrid 3D platform for networking, collaboration, commercialisation, and analytics.

Offering a curated immersive 3D virtual world unlike anything else in the market, enso crafts end-toend user experiences and content rich portals that reimagine the benefits of a physical event – full scale exhibitions with built in commerce and no limit to the number of attendees, eliminating time zones with a greatly reduced carbon footprint and associated travel expenses.

Mirroring the experiences of a real live event, enso’s customisable spaces allow colleagues and friends to wander together while engaging in conversation, interactive exhibits, auditoriums for keynote speakers and seminars, and collaborative workshops. enso has also been designed for corporations looking to create ways to engage with their teams and clients in a new way – a new digital experience intranet, a virtual brand campus or community for year-round use; more Minecraft than Microsoft Teams, more Skyrim than Skype, more Halo than Hangouts.

Built on a secure platform, enso delivers a fully immersive experience with the ability to integrate with external applications e.g. your CRM. Current integrations include Zoom, Eventbrite, Shopify, LinkedIn and Facebook which help support the best networking experience for individuals and groups as well as the ability to monetise for vendors, sponsors, and organisers alike. enso has been specifically optimised for both virtual destinations and hybrid events including exhibitions, trade shows, campus worlds, brand destinations, collaborative workshops, fan-based entertainment events, seminars, award ceremonies, conferences and more. enso will engage audiences in a new, smarter way.

Designed by exhibition and event organisers, user experience leads over technology. enso creates a fully customisable experience unlike any other solution on the market. Offering multiple ways to interact with individuals and groups, enso really focuses on what is important to exhibitors. This
includes unique exhibitor promotion functions, as well as integrated ecommerce solutions. Within the marketplace exhibition hall, exhibitors can select from multiple stand templates or design their own stand. These have the ability to display products with videos, image galleries, 3D models and URLs as well as sell products or book services via integrated e-commerce. Inbuilt analytics and personalised post-event reports transform the captured information into dashboards and datasets that provide real,
detailed, compelling and actionable insights.

As the events industry moves back to physical events the consensus is a virtual element will continue to be required. The new hybrid world will offer extended reach, venue capacity, event duration, and accessibility. enso delivers the most seamless experience possible supporting networking, visitor, vendor interaction and transactions by blending the physical and virtual worlds with parallel and joined up experiences.

Michael Dynan from The Assembly says, “2020 has transformed the way that we collaborate and interact giving us all a mandate for change. We were disappointed by the lack of interactivity available through the existing virtual platforms and concerned that, whilst content supply was often good, the engagement between exhibitors and visitors was minimal. For a platform to be truly successful for exhibition organisers and participants this needed addressing.

What is so exciting about enso is that it delivers so many elements far better than a live event. It is simply super-efficient. Imagine if you never missed a potential sales lead, a relevant conversation, workshop, product, or service opportunity! Users move freely through multiple scenes and environments by selecting key hotspots or navigating via simple on-screen menus.

All environments are bespoke and fully customisable. You can network and interact directly with all attendees in the space or on VC and any time with multiple users. Market and exhibition spaces offer the opportunity to view and interact with multimedia and 3D models with full e-commerce integration.

Guests and visitors can connect with vendors with a one-on-one video call or groups can meet in private.

A view of visitors and staff on a virtual stand

With its simplicity to use, multiple ways to communicate and unique commercial features, and by having built “enso” first from the viewpoint of the exhibition organisers, we are happy we have at last created a virtual platform that works effectively for both exhibitor and visitor needs and engagement.

The potential opportunities are immense.” Steve Blyth, CEO of Engage Works adds; “We are really pleased with the enso platform and how it is
creating a wave of new experiences across the sea of platforms out there – virtual has a mixed reputation with some poor executions during 2020, and we hope that enso is giving a new option to organisers, clients, exhibitors and attendees who are crying out for something ‘wow’ ….but don’t just
take my word for it…..”

After cancelling its physical event due to take place at Excel in November 2020, the World Indigenous Forum tasked us to develop an immersive platform and digital forum to connect thousands of attendees across multiple time zones. The digital event took place 13th & 14th January connecting investors, indigenous peoples, governments, and entrepreneurs from 52 countries to discuss change across the world and social justice for indigenous peoples, with keynotes and talks, transactional workshops with
exhibitors to connect and network, creating change and moments to inspire.

David Atter, Founder of GoodWork Company commented on his user experience; “I recently visited the World Indigenous Forum online, and I felt like I was experiencing a glimpse of the future. It was a massive step up from attending an event on Zoom, Teams, or platforms like that. I walked around the event, in 3D, with none of the usual video meeting fatigue. From my Mac I went round with a colleague, chatting as we went, commenting on exhibitions, attending presentations, and interacting with other delegates, swapping business cards. Just like I would have done in real life. The teams at The Assembly and Engage Works created a beautiful virtual environment that was intuitive to use, and it just worked.

I was delighted it was virtual this year, reducing carbon, because of our ethos at GoodWork. Company is about helping clients develop their business so it’s good for people, planet and profit.”