The Event Tech Talk Show Podcast Episode 2: All-In-One vs All-In-None with Tim Groot

The Event Tech Talk Show is a LIVE podcast brought to you by Event Tech Live In this episode, show host Adam Parry chats to Tim Groot, CEO at Grip, a state-of-the-art event matchmaking tool used for virtual, hybrid and face to face events.

Adam and Tim also discuss the future of the hybrid event format, concurrent or sequential, how smaller companies have been able to innovate fast, to be more nimble in their space, while traditional ‘all-in-one’ platforms had more of a challenge gaining traction with their solutions.

The show also looks at how trade show and conference organisers have become ‘omnichannel’ organisers through lockdown, running a range of event types and concepts. And how engagement is everything, whether you’re steering a show as a product or as a means to promote a product and despite the obvious differences in approach.

The first season will feature 21 episodes available LIVE and on-demand, so don’t forget to subscribe.

The Event Tech Talk Show is sponsored by eventscase –

The Event Tech Talk Show is sponsored by eventscase