The benefits of using iPad photo booth software over traditional photo booths

These days, iPad photo booth systems offer a number of benefits when compared to legacy technologies. Of course, many businesses already have iPads that are used for everyday business functions. If your marketing team wants to also create experiential moments for employees, clients and partners with a photo booth setup, then why would using an in-house iPad be advantageous? Read on to find out.

Ease of Use

One of the most straightforward benefits that businesses derive when they use iPad software for their photo booth operations is that it is incredibly easy to operate. Installing a high-quality photo booth software system should take no longer than a minute or two on an iPad. What’s more, users will find that when they’re taking photos of themselves, they are interacting with hardware they know and trust. Few people are put off using photo booth software when it is running on something as commonplace as an Apple tablet, meaning they are more likely to engage with some of the more advanced functions and get more out of the experience. What this boils down to, of course, is user-friendliness both in the hardware’s operating system and in modern photo booth software design, too.


Hands-Free Operations

In the modern age, being able to interact with technology without coming into physical contact with it is something that has become increasingly important, especially after Covid-19. According to one leading photo booth software developer, Snappic, the ability to use QR codes ensures that your photo booth is ticking all the boxes for Covid-safety regulations, as well as helping to reduce the wait time at the actual photo booth. By using QR codes to access the mini-site set up for your event via Snappic, you are offering guests a safer and more modern way to interact with physical photo booths. You are also able to gather more data from guests just from the mini-site, even if they are unable to use the photo booth.

Cloud-Based Software

If you are looking for software that will allow you to create events remotely and, even better, to synchronise those events from anywhere you can obtain an internet connection, then an iPad-based software system is likely to be preferable. This is because many traditional, Windows-based photo booths don’t offer software that is fully cloud-based. Such stand-alone systems cannot easily be accessed remotely by those running them, nor can technical assistance be offered so straightforwardly unless direct access to the hardware is possible.

Round the Clock Support

With traditional photo booths, you do not always expect to receive 24/7 support. However, this is something that is on offer with certain iPad-based photo booth software developers these days. Although the ability to obtain technical assistance night and day will not be important to all organisations, it will be for those that operate in multiple time zones around the world. After all, most commercial users of photo booth software will never be able to say for sure when they might need help.