Swapcard launches first hybrid event session scanning solution

Swapcard has announced the launch of SwapAccess, a handheld app aimed at modernizing session attendance and access control. 

SwapAccess provides event planners with an all-in-one registration and session access solution for hybrid events. The app solves the problem event planners have of relying on multiple platforms to organize and track session attendance, which often leads to confusion and data mismanagement.


SwapAccess is a new phone/tablet app that works within Swapcard’s ecosystem.  It allows event organizers to track session attendance and control access for both online and in-person participants with one central, secure database. This eliminates the need for multiple event management solutions and human labour. 

Key benefits:

  • Access control: restrict session attendance to the appropriate ticket holders
  • Instant feedback: Organizers can present attendees with real-time surveys as they exit the session
  • Attendee experience: Organizers can separate attendees into different breakout groups and attendees are signed up automatically for sessions when they sign in
  • Audience behavior: Organizers have insight into how long people attend a session

SwapAccess is best used in conjunction with the Swapcard event platform, which will allow alerts and notifications to be triggered in the event app and help organizers, speakers and sponsors keep track of their event schedules.

This simplified, unified solution will help organizers easily run their access control on event days and also collect important session attendance information that can’t be found anywhere else. 

“At Swapcard, we’re on a mission to make our industry more data-driven. Clients already value the fact we use artificial intelligence to boost engagement. They now understand why it’s crucial to capture participant behaviour.  By tracking more participant data, event organizers can better measure the value they provide to delegates. SwapAccess has been built for the modern event planner in every possible setting.” 

– Baptiste Boulard, CEO & Co-Founder, Swapcard



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