Story of a Color

“Over the past year and a half, I studied, watched, and predicted some of the events and their performance to identify what makes some events different from others. I studied Pheedloop, MPI, Adobe Experience, and many more.

The reason behind their success wasn’t social media engagement, digital advertising, content, or the platform…. it was the sense of belonging- Inclusivity. These events in my perspective did not focus on diversity. While diversity in events embraces differences, inclusivity is what makes it a success. This predicament has been put perfectly by Vernā Myers that “diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.”

As a woman of color, Asian descent, Indian origin from a modest financial background – this is diversity to our attendees and they want to drop this tag.

Events have been known to bring people together. Events are meant to create experiences, shatter walls and cultural barriers to share a story. A successful event focuses on its Event Attendees as if it is THEIR experience- and that’s what we call giving a sense of belonging.

Three ways we can create our Events Inclusive rather diverse-
1. Drop the Tag
2. Open the Mic for stories
3. Create experiences that resonate with a collective passion”