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Adam Parry

Adam Parry

Outcome Driven Online Events

In this episode, host Adam Parry chats with event organiser and event tech founder Lee Matthew Jackson at event on the importance of Outcome Driven Online Events.

With the online event space becoming saturated, some niche audiences are becoming a little tired of the onslaught of virtual summits and events. Some event organisers are seeing lower audience participation and engagement, which is reflecting in sponsor experiences also.

How do you create an event that is lively, engaging and achieves the outcomes you have planned for it?

In this episode, event organisers have a fresh take on planning and marketing their online events for maximum engagement. The tips shared will spill over into an awesome physical experience once we are all back in our natural environments.

The Event Tech Talk Show is sponsored by eventscase –

The first season will feature 21 episodes available LIVE and on-demand at