Event Tech Live events are hybrid – start making connections before you arrive on-site!

Both our London and Las Vegas events run in a hybrid format with both in-person and virtual exhibition opportunities. Running a virtual event alongside the in-person days means that we can reach a much wider audience of global attendees & exhibitors who may not have been able to attend in-person but are still able to participate.

Our virtual event platform facilitates networking and generates leads even before you arrive on site.

Inbound leads on Event Tech Live’s virtual platform

Every interaction between your company and an attendee on our platform is classed as an inbound lead – this means that if an attendee clicks on your company profile, one of your products or services or a member of staff you will then have the opportunity to reach out and request a meeting.

How to get the most out of your virtual presence at ETL

Exhibitor/Company profile

Think of the exhibitor/company profile as your company shop window – a place where attendees can browse the products and services that you have to offer. The more information and content that you include the more likely attendees are to interact. Put your best foot forward and make sure this is up to date as soon as you gain access.

Staff Profiles

Your staff profiles will link to your exhibitor/company profile. Make sure all of your staff have fully updated their information, included photographs and contact details – you’re more likely to gain interactions if attendees can put a face to a name.


You can use the meetings function to simply meet or to deliver product demos. 

When someone of interest interacts with your profile don’t forget to request a meeting. Likewise, if you receive an invitation from an attendee that you wouldn’t like to meet don’t forget to decline or this could stop new requests from coming through. Make sure you log in daily to accept or decline new invitations.

Meetings can also be made through the platform for in-person days and attendees will be directed to your stand (if you’re exhibiting physically of course).

Boost your virtual lead capture at ETL via Sponsored Sessions

Sponsoring an ETL virtual session can help to boost your lead capture even further. As an ETL session sponsor, you won’t only have access to attendees who interact with your profile or attendees who watch your live session you will also receive contact details of all attendees who pre-registered for your session (whether they made it to the live stream or not). 

As an example Sponsored Sessions at ETL, London 2021 generated 6,060 leads for sponsors. Now that’s an impressive stat!

To find out which Sponsored Sessions are still available and to further boost your lead capture potential at Event Tech Live please contact hello@eventtechlive.com