How cracking Product Discovery can turn your event into an essential marketplace

Ecommerce has accelerated by over a decade since the start of the pandemic, with digital transforming buying and selling in every industry.

Exhibitions designed for visitors to walk the floor to discover new products and services risk being sidelined by a new generation of efficient online marketplace.

In this session, Luke Bilton Chief Growth Officer at ExpoPlatform will present tips for building a thriving ‘always on’ product marketplace, based on his experience at Informa and UBM and the latest industry insights.

The session will cover:
How product discovery has changed since the pandemic
Comparison of monetisation models (lead-generating VS transactional) and how they can add value to the exhibition model
How to create a seamless omnichannel experience with a ‘Smart event’ as the high point of engagement
Tips for successfully onboard suppliers and giving proof of ROI