How gamified 3D environments create B2B opportunities

The Future is Here! In this pre-recorded session, join our Digital & Content Director Nick for a forward-looking introduction to the game-engine technology that is making a difference across the B2B sector.

With a focus on an 18-month project with Bombardier, Nick will not only discuss the ideation and creation of a fleet of airplanes in virtual, real-time 3D, but will deep-dive the pros and cons of such technology for big brands.

Who’s this for?

Anyone in the marketing, events and brand communication world who are investigating gamified experiences and 3D environmental worlds as a new way to reach their audiences. We will be diving into some of our recent work and talking about the recent advancements in gamified tech solutions.

Why sign up?

Our Business Director, Dan Hall, will bring those challenging B2B questions we all have, and will put Nick to the test in this lively session as they discuss the opportunities for gamified experiences in the future and hopefully provide you with new ways to amplify your audience engagement.