How R&D can sharpen your digital toolkit?

What if machines could see?
What if real-time was all-the-time?
What if animation could be automated?
What if physical experiences had digital twins?
What if real world experiences could be explored in the virtual world?
What if analogue model-making met digital prototyping?
What if any surface could be a screen?
What if technology was a catalyst for craft?

R&D should be the lifeblood of any company when it comes to experience innovation. In this session, Andy Sexton looks at up and coming digital toolkit-enhancing software with which his studio has been experimenting over the past year.

This unleashes potential in so many unexpected ways: democratising augmented reality, rapid prototyping to explore effects and ramp up virtual production, freedom and control to develop cutting-edge digital experiences, deeper immersion in the development stages of physical experiences, synthetic image manipulation to supercharge creative possibilities and much more!