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Find out what’s happening across the pond where the crowded event tech marketplace is a breeding ground for innovation.

Address your pain points with our 

North American team of #eventtech influencers, and explore solutions—from the practical to the magical—that have risen to the top, including: 

  • DJ Graffiti (interactive music experiences)
  • Eva (in-person, virtual, and hybrid event platform)
  • Eventene (in-person, virtual, and hybrid event platform)
  • ExpoPlatform (AI-powered smart events and marketplace)
  • Getregistered (registration and event collaboration hub)
  • Ozzo Events (small-group conversations in a 3D virtual environment)
  • Performedia (in-person, virtual, and hybrid event platform)
  • Snöball (word-of-mouth marketing for events)
  • SOS Web AR (web-based augmented reality)
  • Tech Factory (audio-visual production and equipment rental)

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