Meetingselect introduces ‘Hybrid Venues’

Meetingselect, the leading platform for booking meeting venues comes with an innovative solution for facilitating online and hybrid events. With HD venues, Meetingselect offers meeting venues to be able to offer virtual and hybrid events in addition to in-person meetings, with their own software. In this way Meetingselect ensures that locations always remain the first point of contact when organising meetings and events.


Last year we have seen many tools popping up for hosting virtual events. The demand for virtual and hybrid meetings and events has never been this great. Various studies have also shown that the demand for online events will continue to increase strongly in the coming years. With HD Venues, Meetingselect ensures that locations are perfectly prepared for the changing world of the MICE industry.

Stronger together

HD Venues is housed in a not-for-profit cooperative association. Members have a say in the development of the software and the operational management. We work without commission. Becoming a member of the cooperative is only possible for professional meeting and event locations. By joining forces, Meetingselect has ensured that a competitive position is very interesting for members of the cooperative. “With HD Venues we offer a platform for the industry, for the industry,” said Martin Bergonje, CEO of Meetingselect. And, to promote bookings, members of the cooperative will also receive the ‘Hybrid venue’ label within the Meetingselect booking software.



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