Meet the Speaker: Michael Buckley

Entrepreneur, designer & technologist. An emerging thought leader in the field of enterprise technology with experience producing groundbreaking mobile apps and digital solutions for enterprise. In-depth technical knowledge and broad corporate industry expertise. Enjoys leading teams of innovative technologists, designers and creatives to produce solutions that exceed client expectations.

Specialities: Product, software and interactive design; food obsessive, user experience research; design and development management, productivity management, humor, sports data nut.
  • How long have you worked in the events industry and what keeps you interested in it?

    15 Years. The energy you feel. Music and events are the only two things in my life that make me feel as connected to people and the unforgettable moments in my life.

  • Best (and worst?) moments working in the events industry?


    We do a company calendar every year. This year had a month where a picture of our team from January 2020 on the left and December 2020 on the right. We had tripled in size. For everyone in the events industry, the feeling of not only surviving, but thriving as a company in addressing the industries needs is the greatest feeling you could ever have as an entrepreneur.


    At my previous company, we were the platform for a global product launch by two Fortune 500 companies for over 3,000 employees. The primary intention was to inform and educate employees with promotional materials. Our servers went down right when the regional trainings of each sales rep began. I remember hiding in the conference center to talk with the engineers furiously chain smoking cigarettes. I tell the whole story on this podcast. It ended up getting even worse!

  • What was the last event on which you worked?

    Today! Tune of Innovation Leadership Panel with senior leaders from Spotify, Deezer, Warner Music Group and Official Charting Company. I LOVED it as the content really resonated with me as music is my passion and they focused on understanding the industry, consumer behavior, product development and the little joys in life that make us inspired and focused to create change in this world.

  • From your experience, what’s the best way to utilise tech at an event?

    Events are one of the most exciting experiences in the world. However often event tech doesn’t live up to the excitement of an event. The best way to utilise tech at an event is to highlight and increase the incredible excitement that exists. I believe focusing on the senses of an attendee creates this energy.

  • We all learn from our mistakes! What was the biggest lesson you learned from a mistake since being in the industry?

    Staying calm. When I was younger, passion can lead to being overly emotional, which in turn can make you respond to people unbecoming of you, especially under high stress. The event industry is one of the most stressful in the world. It is very important to be the calming presence, focused purely on success and understanding people’s perspectives. Have empathy for people’s f*ck ups! 

  • What are you most looking forward to at Event Tech Live?

    Feeling the passion for the industry emanating from all the attendees, speakers and sponsors.

  • What do events, such as ETL, mean to you?

    Growth. An event focused on what’s next for the industry I love most in the world.

  • What can our delegates expect to take away from your session at ETL?

    The ease and importance in personalizing an event for the attendee’s experience.

  • Which one piece of tech couldn’t you live without?

    Oura Ring. Quality sleep is the pathway to energy, focus and clarity for me.

  • Most pointless tech you have purchased?

    Forget it’s name, but it buzzed my body every time my posture was poor. There’s no saving my posture.

Join Michael for his session: How to curate a personalized event
experience for the event organizer, attendee, speaker and sponsor 
at ETL US & Canada on June 8th on The Smart Stage – Book your ticket here



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